Meet Islander and Professional Sailer Matt Price

Meet Islander and Professional Sailer Matt Price

Matt Price // @mwprice


Real Estate Development/Yacht Racing

How have you "found your island" ("your passion") in life?

Growing up I always dreamed of sailing (I grew up on a farm) and after college I decided to make it a top priority. So I moved to the coast and got on the first boat I could find, 10 years later I am racing on a 43ft IRC class racing sailboat with a great program. I have met and made amazing friendships and had experiences I couldn't have dreamed up. All while building a career in Real Estate development which is my "work passion".

How do you "take it easy" (or "relax")?

Literally being "on an island"; Early morning walks on Sullivans with my dog, racing around Block Island, or sipping cocktails in the Caribbean with my wife; there is something about being completely surrounded by water that can cure whatever ails you!

How long have you been sailing for? How did you get into it?

10 years; I moved to Savannah, GA and my neighbor invited me out and took me under his wing. Taught me the "sheets and the halyards"

Have you competed in the New York Club Annual Regatta before?

Yes; Last year we got 2nd in the Around the Island Race and 5th in the 2-day weekend series. This year we were 1st in the Around the Island and 2nd in the 2-day weekend series.

How many people are on your team?

We race with 12 crew but the team is around 15-20 different guys. Most of which have there own careers and are not pro sailors.

Where do you usually compete?

New York Yacht Club in Newport, RI American Yacht Club in Rye, NY Block Island Race Week Charleston Race Week Key West Race Week

What was the outcome of this years race? What section did you place in?

NYYC 165th Annual Regatta in Newport, RI 1st Place Around the Island Race in IRC 3 2nd Place 2-day Annual Regatta Series in IRC 3

What is the most challenging part of sailing? And what is your favorite part?

Making a 43ft sailboat move with the breeze with 12 crew performing different and unique positions on the boat is true teamwork. It involves skill, communication, chemistry, etc. The most challenging part is honing in on all of those key factors and getting all 12 crew into a good racing mode. Everyone has to perform their position flawlessly in order to win. My favorite part is after a good day of racing our crew is notorious for our "crew dinners". Our program manager and skipper, Billy Liberty (a legend is big boat racing) is also an amazing chef. Good wine and food every night!