Long before we cracked open that first can of ice-cold Island Coastal Lager®, we knew that giving back to the community would be a significant part of our identity as a brand and a business. As much as we’re able, we support land, water and wildlife conservation efforts in our backyard and beyond.


  • We require 30 days advance notice for all donations.
  • We donate only to registered 501(c) organizations, and you will be required to submit a copy of your registration document.
  • If your state requires it, you must have a temporary permit (i.e. liquor license) in the name of your non-profit to serve any alcohol for fundraising purposes at your event. To find out if you need to obtain a temporary permit, please contact your local alcohol regulatory agency (e.g. South Carolina Department of Revenue, Alcohol Beverage Licensing).
  • Being mindful of our product, we forgo events that are either directly tied to schools (K-12) or by association benefit people under the age of 21. For example, adults might be playing in a golf tournament, but if funds raised go toward high school sports we have to bow out.
  • We tread lightly around political, faith-based, and other sensitive issues.

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