Health Benefits of Being a Dog Mom

Health Benefits of Being a Dog Mom

A new year often leads people to make a change to their health habits, but what does that make you think? Crash diet? Running on the treadmill? While those things are a way to try to make a lifestyle change, there may be a different way to approach it. A tactic to encompass several habits of a healthy lifestyle could be, surprisingly, from just owning a dog. From walks to snuggles, the health benefits of being a dog mom (or dad!) are more than you’d think!


Lowered Stress Levels Dogs provide a sense of comfort and companionship. They are always there, right by your side, whenever you’d need them. The perfect buddy for kisses, hugs, and the occasional dance party, a dog brings nothing but good vibes to your home. They lend a listening ear with no judgement, and are always happy to see you. By having this level of unconditional love, your stress levels will go way down, leading to a healthier heart and a happier mind!

Increase in Exercise The best resolution that we all seem to struggle with -- exercise. But when you have a furry friend that needs to be walked, fitness seems to come a little easier! They need to get out some energy, and you are really killing two birds with one stone by getting out for a walk or run with them. Take them to the park, or a run on the beach, and enjoy the benefits!

Improved Mood What could make you happier than a smiling dog’s face? I’m sure not much! Having a positive energy around you at all times can do wonders for your mental health and overall mood. Dogs can’t be rude, selfish, or passive aggressive, and surrounding yourself with those qualities can’t be matched.

Adds More Meaning to Life Having another life relying on you to take care of them everyday can really put things into perspective. A dog needs you to feed them, take care of them, and keep them safe, thus giving you a bigger purpose in life. By giving your love and attention to them, you will experience an unparalleled fulfillment that will be a positive benefit to your overall well being.

Elevated Social Life Everyone loves to see a dog at a party, brewery, park, or even just on the street. People often stop to say hello, and small talk ensues. By having the cutest conversation starter, you are setting yourself up for socializing that you may not have had alone. So bring your drinking partner along and reap the benefits of their cute face. A bigger circle of friends has happy and healthy written all over it!

While dogs are great, and highly recommended, be sure to do your research beforehand! They require a lot of care and can be expensive, and you should only adopt one if you are ready. Any other pet can also provide the benefits of a dog, so pick one you love and enjoy!