Costa Rican Chronicles: Week 1

Costa Rican Chronicles: Week 1

By Ronan Lurkin

In a last ditch attempt to score beautiful waves and even more beautiful vibes, our crew has ventured down into the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica.

Our first week brought us a building swell, one that even locals have seemed to claim too big for the 10 mile beach we are calling home for the next month. However, this means more exploration for us, as we all surfed every morning in the town just north of us we went on to explore each afternoon, bringing us to a beautiful waterfall, a quaint fishing village, and eating some of the spiciest food we could get our hands on. Not to mention, while we were exploring our local community we happened to cross paths and befriend “The King of Hermosa” and YoYo, two kind hearted souls, who will come to save us in many ways in the near future.

Stay tuned for more...

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