Earth Day: Beach Cleanup with Tryon Distributing

Earth Day: Beach Cleanup with Tryon Distributing

By Nixie Strazza

In an effort to be more eco conscious, Island teamed up with 1% for the Planet and pledged to give back 1% of our revenue to approved non-profit organizations working towards a greener future. As producers, we believe it is our duty to support our local communities through concrete action so we can continue to “Take it Easy” for years to come. 

It is not just Island joining in on the Earth Day festivities. With help from our friends at Tryon Distributing, Island co-led an Outer Banks beach clean up at Kill Devils Hills, where we picked up enough trash to fill the bed of a pick up truck in just under 2 hours. 

A family owned and operated company, marketing manager Melissa Johnston said Tryon first brought on Island Brands after seeing potential in our clean and crisp product line. Unlike other wholesalers, Tryon is not a “big house” attached to a well-known brand name. Their focus on excellent craft beer and the attention paid to the success of each individual account is part of what earned Tryon the Brewers’ Association Craft Beer Wholesaler of the Year award in 2018. 

Finding solutions to lessen our carbon footprint while delivering the same delicious product time and time again is a goal both Tryon and Island share. The environmental impact of brewing, packing and shipping beer across the country is undeniable, Johnston said; all the more reason for companies to look seriously at how to minimize the harm they cause.  

“We are seeing the real effects of trashing our Earth,” Johnston said. “If we don’t do something now, we are on the verge of no return.” 

For Tryon, this means taking note from younger generations galvanizing sustainable business practices and engaging community members to take part in the fight against climate change. An adamant environmentalist in her own life, Johnston said it does not take a lot to get people excited about saving the planet.

Whether collecting trash on your next hike or picking up cans at the beach, every action is a step towards a cleaner, greener Earth. Johnston said the best part about the recent beach clean up — aside from taking part with her ten year old daughter, Vivenne — was seeing volunteers make plans for future clean ups and events within their inner circles. 

“At the end of the day, it is about doing something good for your community,” Johnston said. 

Alongside their environmental initiatives, Johnston credits the company for helping to create a more inclusive brewing industry, especially for women often seen as having less beer expertise given their lack of beards or flannel. Executive VP Angie Packer paved the way for other women to rise through the ranks of distribution and continues to drive the company in a more progressive direction in her role as Tryon’s co-owner. 

Island is proud to partner with a company hell bent on equity, inclusion and environmental action no matter what day of the year. In April and beyond, we encourage our customers to crack open a cold one, connect with their communities and enjoy all this beautiful planet has to offer.