Spread Good Vibes With Our New Island Passport App

Launch of the Island Brand Spread Good Vibes App

This is an exciting week at Island Brands. We’re stoked to announce the launch of our new Island Passport App

Giving back is baked into the DNA of Island Brands. Early on, our founders, Scott and Brandon, made a plan to incorporate giving back into the Island Brands mission. 

One of the earliest examples of this was the Island Brands partnership with Soles4Souls, an organization whose mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of new and gently used shoes and clothing around the world.

Since the beginning of the partnership, Island Brands has donated thousands of shoes alongside Soles4Souls. Fast forward to 2021 and the mission has been further integrated into the company's operations, resulting in the Island Passport App. 

By downloading Island Passport, you can earn rewards each time you buy our beer. Rewards can then be redeemed for Island Brands merch, or the cash equivalent can be donated to one of our partnering nonprofit organizations. 

Each case of beer purchased equates to $1.25 that could be donated back to a nonprofit. Essentially, any time you grab some beer from a participating retailer your one step closer securings some new gear or giving back to the charity of your choice. Sounds rad, doesn't it? Keep reading to learn how it works. 


What Does Island Passport Do? 

Island Passport is available for download in the IOS App Store or through Google Play. Once downloaded, set up an account using your email or Facebook to start racking up rewards. 

After buying beer from one of our participating retailers, take a picture of your receipt and upload it. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to scan the receipt for the Island Brands line item and put the correct number of points in your account.

So, how many points do you earn when you buy our beer? 

  • 6 pack = 12 points
  • 12 pack = 50 points

  • Again -- that’s $1.25 worth of points for each case of beer purchased. Points can be used for 6 select items of Island Brands gear, which you can check out directly in the app. 

    Or, you can donate the cash equivalent to one of our partnering nonprofits. 

    Which Organizations Does Island Brands Partner With?

    At Island Brands, we want to amplify what local charities are doing in their communities -- which is why we’ve added three times as many nonprofit rewards than gear options in Island Passport. 

    We currently work with 24 nonprofit organizations, and are constantly growing our list. A few groups you can donate to today include the Coastal Conservation Association, Ronald McDonald House, and Soles4Souls. 

    Spread Good Vibes participating non-profits

    By setting up an account you can earn rewards on purchases you were already going to make and put that money directly towards the cause of your choice. Now that’s a beer run done right. 

    Our new Island Passport App is just one of the ways we’re focused on giving back. We also want to give you the opportunity to choose which organizations to donate to and gear up in the process. Download the app now to get in on the action.