The Island Brands Way: Giving Back To Our Community

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From the very beginning, Island Brands has been focused on giving back to the community. Our founders, Scott and Brandon, have consistently looked for ways to incorporate this focus into everything that we do. 

That’s why Island Brands has multiple initiatives geared towards supporting our community and the people who make us who we are. From our numerous nonprofit partnerships to our plastic-free packaging, we want to use our beer to make a big impact. 

We are currently on-pace to donate more than a quarter of a million dollars to nonprofit organizations by 2023. And we’re not stopping there. We recently launched our new Island Passport App with the goal of helping you get more involved in our mission. 

Every time you buy a case of beer, you can earn rewards to donate to the nonprofit organization of your choice. But, we’ll talk more about that later. Learn about all the ways Island Brands is focused on giving back below:

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How Exactly Does Island Brands Give Back?

Island Brands takes giving back to the community to heart, which is why it’s baked into almost every aspect of our business. Our multi-pronged approach aims to empower investors and consumers, protect the earth’s oceans, and provide opportunities within the communities where Island Brands is sold. We do this in a few different ways: 

  • Nonprofit Partnerships
  • Sustainability and Conservation Initiatives
  • Good Vibes Gear Donations
  • Island Passport App Rewards

Nonprofit Partnerships 

Island Brands currently works with 24 different U.S.-based nonprofit organizations, including Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America and United Way. We have plans to double our list of partners within the coming year. 

Our goal with each new partnership is to identify and work with like-minded charities who have a history of making a real impact in their local communities and beyond. A great example of our nonprofit work in action is by looking at our partnership with Soles4Souls, whose mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of new and gently used shoes and clothing. 

As soon as our founders discovered Soles4Souls in 2019, they instantly connected with the idea of turning unwanted shoes into opportunities. Fast forward to 2021, and Island Brands has now donated thousands of shoes through Soles4Souls, providing relief and creating jobs for those in need. 

Island Brands non-profit partner icons.

Sustainability and Conservation Focus 

In addition to working with several community-based nonprofits, Island Brands is committed to sustainability, conservation, and the protection of oceans and marine life. The first way we embody this mission is through our plastic-free and recyclable packaging on all of our beers. 

Island Brands is also an active partner of several nonprofits whose mission aligns with supporting the health and stability of our oceans. For example, we work with Tampa Bay Watch -- an organization focused on protecting and restoring the Tampa Bay estuary. 

We have even embedded our sustainability and conservation focus into our funding structure. Island Brands has committed to building a one-acre oyster reef for anyone who invests $25,000 into Island Brands. Oyster reefs create important habitats for hundreds of other marine species and filter and clean the surrounding water. Did you know that a single oyster filters up to 50 gallons of water per day? 

Not only will this effort help clean coastal waters, restore critical habitats, and provide coastal buffering, it also embodies the spirit of socially-conscious investing that is at the core of Island Brands. By 2023, we expect to build approximately six oyster reefs through this initiative. 

Good Vibes Gear 

Over the last year, we decided it was time to take one of our core philosophies and launch a new line of gear. This is how our Spread Good Vibes collection was born. But, this isn’t just any old company merch. All net profits from the Good Vibes items are donated directly to nonprofit organizations. 

When you shop the collection, simply add the items to your cart and select which nonprofit organization you want the proceeds donated to from the dropdown on the cart page. We handle the rest from there. That’s one way to feel good about online shopping.  


Spread Good Vibes collection.

Join in with our Island Passport App

We didn’t want to keep all of the good vibes to ourselves, which is why we launched Island Passport. Our app lets you earn rewards each time you buy our beer from a participating retailer. You can redeem rewards for select Island Brands gear, or the cash equivalent can be donated to one of our partnering nonprofits. 

Currently, there are three times the number of nonprofit reward options than merchandise options. We want to keep the focus on the community -- and let you find the cause that speaks to you. Download the App today in the IOS App Store or through Google Play to get started.


Screenshot of the Island Brands Passport App

From the very beginning of our story, Island Brands has been community-focused. That’s why we are constantly brewing up new ways to give back to the community around us. From our nonprofit partnerships to our commitment to conservation -- spreading good vibes is at the core of what we do. 

In the world we live in, we believe giving back is more important than ever. And, we want to share that with you! Download the Island Passport App today and start putting your beer runs towards your favorite charities.