75Hard Week #11: Hard Work is Your "Luck"

75Hard Week #11: Hard Work is Your

Hard Work is Your "Luck" By: Erin Suarez

We all know what it’s like to work hard and to accomplish something big and to feel those feelings of pride - accomplishment - success - joy.

I grew up with my dad always saying “the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” There were no shortcuts then, and there are none now.

Why is it then, that so many of us give up on our long term goals in exchange for immediate gratification? Focusing on what seems “easy” right in front of us, in order to forgo long term discomfort?

You know, that quick fix. Something easy to check off your list that makes us feel like we are moving in the right direction. Maybe it’s a diet pill to help you meet a weight loss goal? Maybe it’s a fad diet in place of real food and exercise? Maybe it’s writing a blog instead of that book you’ve been wanting to write (oh, hi, that’s me)... You feel good about your short term efforts of today, just checking the box, but those feelings fade. Shortcuts are a meaningless pursuit.

What are your goals and where is your focus? Ask yourself those hard questions. Are you drawn towards the short term focus, the immediate gratification? Or are you making time for meaningful work?

You choose your focus. No one else.

If you’re still hanging in there with us, we are about to conclude the 75 Hard program - a mental and physical wellness program with no excuses. As the program comes to an end, it’s worth reflecting on how this has supported your long term goals, and what’s next in the pursuit of your overarching goal. As Winston Churchill once said “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

What’s next and how do you stay on track? Here are a few ideas that José and I have!

Break your big goal into small goals. Small, easy to achieve tasks that progress you to your larger goals (just like eating a donut, one bite at a time). Mountains are climbed one step at a time, so set out to define your path.

Set an appointment for yourself AND stick to it!! Just like you would not cancel with your boss, don’t cancel on yourself. Consider this time sacred. Inconsistent work, will not heed results.

Review your progress. Track it and celebrate the small wins. We often quit on our meaningful goals because we can’t see past the mundane, daily “ins-and-outs” and see the true success we are having. Reviewing your progress will help you maintain your grit and assure you that you’re on the right path.

Get comfy with the uncomfy. Uncertainty is not comfortable. What CAN you control in times of uncertainty and discomfort??? Your attitudes, your actions and your efforts.

Find an accountability partner. The ones who love you enough to call you out when you make excuses and help you stay on track. These are your people who really care. Not the ones who tell you it’s ok if you don’t meet your goals (this is often because your success and hard work makes them feel insecure in themselves. Although they love you, they love themselves, too). Cling to accountability, and don’t make or accept excuses.

Give yourself the opportunity to win. Plain and simple. One step at a time (or one big, delicious bite at a time), create a legacy of doing something meaningful.

Don’t stop here. Don’t stop now. There is no luck, only hard work.