75Hard Week #6: The Time is Now

75Hard Week #6: The Time is Now

The Time is Now By: Erin Suarez

Do this little exercise with me. Sit quietly, take a big, deep breath, filling your lungs, and slowly exhale.

Feels good, right? Ah, a moment of calm.

The present.

But as I type this, and as you read this, that moment is no longer the present. It’s the past. What we just did - slowly taking a moment to enjoy the present moment - is gone. Just a memory, a thought or a feeling.

Sometimes we exist in moments outside of our control. Some of us spend time reliving or rehashing past moments, myself included. The I “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” of our past start to impede on our time right now - the present.

This present moment is the only thing that truly exists right now.

So many of us, even if only from time to time, find ourselves feeling anxious about the future or feeling depressed about the past. We allow those emotions to cloud our present moments.

The simplicity here is that the only time that truly exists is RIGHT NOW. What you choose to do with this moment is up to you.

As it relates to your goals, how are you spending time within the present moment to work towards what you have defined as success? You get the chance to vote every, single day for what you find most important in your life. How? With your time. We spend time on what we find to be most valuable in our lives. It’s a given that we spend time on what we cheer for.

Have you ever thought about and identified what you spend the majority of your time focused on, mentally or physically. Does this align with your most important goals? In other words, if your goals are health, fitness and wellness, but you’re spending an abundant amount of time watching Netflix marathons and Instagram influencers... that self reflection will serve you well in aligning your actions more appropriately to your goals.

The time is now. Just like we started this chat earlier with a deep breath, enjoying the present moment - that time has passed. Being intentional in your actions for each and every moment is what will fuel your success in the future.

The best part of taking action is this - you don’t have to believe in yourself to take action (I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t believe in yourself, no, it’s not that at all). What I’d like to encourage is that you focus on the here and now. That you see how what you place effort on in this moment will fuel you forward. Ask yourself this... What does your life look like in 10 years? Where do you want to go? What do you want to be? It’s been studied that near 50% of what you do is auto pilot.

Just like you set out on a long drive with the help of a GPS, program that final destination, and just take action.

That’s what 75 Hard has been for me. A step by step, intentional action plan to help me achieve my goals for mental and physical athleticism. I hope you’re finding it can be the same for you! Let us know what you’re doing to take action today, because the time is NOW!