75Hard Week #7: The Law of Attraction

75Hard Week #7: The Law of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction By: Erin Suarez

One may think that this is an appropriate subject on the heels of Valentine’s Day... but I’m not talking about that kind of lovey-dovey attraction. In this case, the law of attraction says the more we focus on something, and the more we think about something, the more it shows up in our lives.

Has this ever happened to you before? I’ve heard it called the 24-hour rule, too. Here’s an example.... Have you ever been car shopping, spent time looking at and researching a vehicle and then over the next few days you see that vehicle, what seems like, everywhere? This could be true for many other different types of retail purchases that you’re interested in, also (in my case, it’s usually shoes).

But in this case, as we focus on moving closer to your goals, I want to talk about the law of attraction as it relates to the energy of your thoughts, your focus and vision.

Turning your vision into reality starts with your thoughts. What we think about, we attract - it’s magnetic. What we think about expands and grows, and what we focus our energy on begins to show up in our life.

This is true for both positive and negative energy. When you complain, you’ll find more things to complain about. Making conscious effort to not focus on what you don’t have or what you don’t want, and directing that energy to visualize what you do want.

If you want to change your situation, change your thoughts.

Visualization is an excellent exercise to start focusing your energy on something specific that you want to achieve, and imagining the outcome becoming a reality.

I challenge you to spend 10 minutes today visualizing your goal. This will be different from meditation, where you clear your mind, but rather hyper-focused on where you want your mind to go.

Let me help you get started!

First, find a quiet spot to focus. Then, start by simply visualizing the outcome of your hard work - you’ve achieved your goal! Set the scene... Where are you in this scene? Who is there with you? What are they saying? What are you wearing? What does it feel like? Are there any smells? How do you feel? If anything in your visualization becomes negative or based in the past, you’re the director, and you change the scene!

Give it a try! The more you see it, the more likely it is to happen in your life.

We want to hear about all of your positive energy and focus, drop us a line and share how you’re making strides to improve your mindset!